Company history

More than 40 years of experience

The successor of Kavernen Bau- und Betriebs-GmbH, KBB Underground Technologies GmbH has inherited the know-how of the engineering company that has been leading the underground storage and brine production sector for the past 30 years. KBB has built the largest strategic crude oil storage facilities in Germany and the US, some of the largest salt cavern storage facilities for seasonal natural gas storage, as well as the world’s first compressed air storage facility in Neuenhuntorf in Northern Germany.

Since November 2004, KBB UT has been continuing the underground activities of KBB, inheriting the experience gained from more than 170 reference projects of KBB and the projects of KBB’s temporary subsidiaries in the US and Germany.

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1971 Kavernen Bau- und Betriebs-GmbH founded
The government-owned Preussag AG and Salzgitter AG groups founded Kavernen Bau- und Betriebs-GmbH in order to build the federal crude oil reserve in Etzel near Wilhelmshaven. The then government-owned industry management company IVG asked KBB to handle planning and execution. In this first project, a total of 33 caverns with a total storage volume of 13 million cubic metres were built.
1977 Large order in the U.S.: Planning and building the US federal crude oil reserve
The total volume of the four large storage facilities in Texas and Louisiana at the Gulf of Mexico was approx. 72 million m3. KBB implemented the project from 1977 through 1985.
1978 Commissioning the Neuenhuntorf
In the late 1970s, KBB designed and built the two compressed-air storage caverns for the Neuenhuntorf power plant operated by Nord-West Kavernengesellschaft mbH (today, E.ON Kraftwerke AG).­ The world’s first power station of its kind, Neuenhuntorf handles peak loads using a gas turbine.
1989 Brine production in Pimai/Thailand
In Thailand, KBB implemented a highly successful brine production project which it still supports today.
1990 Preussag acquires Salzgitter group, KBB remains with Preussag
KBB took over the personnel and expertise of the former Preussag petroleum and natural gas. This means that KBB was also active in gas facility construction, i.e. the above-ground part of cavern storage facilities. KBB also had activities in reservoir engineering and pore storage construction.
1995 DEEP. Underground Engineering GmbH is founded
Four former KBB employees founded DEEP. DEEP. Underground Engineering GmbH, located in Bad Zwischenahn.
2000 The U.S. company Schlumberger acquires KBB from Preussag AG.
2004 DEEP. Underground Engineering takes over KBB core competencies
The underground storage division became a separate company called KBB Underground Technologies GmbH.
2014 KBB UT turns 10.