Financial information

Expertise fuels our growth

Since the founding of KBB Underground Technologies in 2004, our annual growth reflects the constant increase of the number of projects entrusted to us. KBB has a solid customer base in Germany and throughout Europe that we have been serving for years.

Energy policies have changed over the years, and so have the storage operation requirements. KBB UT has always been involved in the early stages of research
and development projects dealing with new storage technologies. This makes the company a highly competent partner for our customers under today’s constantly changing conditions.

A strong team

In 2004, KBB UT started out with just 8 employees. With a constantly increasing workload, the team grew to nearly 40 employees at the Hanover office and our other locations. Together, our geologists, geophysicists, engineers and managers find customised solutions for our clients because they can draw on comprehensive know how and many years of experience. This is why KBB UT emphasises internal technical exchange, knowledge transfer and continuous training, and it supports and promotes regular further training courses, whether administrative or technical in nature. By staying on top of the state of the art, KBB achieves continued customer satisfaction.

Mitarbeiterstruktur der KBB UT