Geothermal Energies – Services

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KBB UT provides integrated packages or specific services to realise special geothermy projects based on the following spectrum of services:

  • Preliminary studies and consulting
    • Preliminary studies, feasibility studies, economic studies.
  • Geology
    • Evaluation of geological/seismic data
    • Detailed seismic surveying, technical supervision/evaluation
    • Elaboration of geological and hydrogeological models
    • Simulation calculations (forecasts of flow rates, thermal output, etc.).
  • Drilling planning and implementation
    • Selecting well target points
    • Dimensioning the wells
    • Drilling path planning and directional well planning
    • Drilling programme preparation
    • Planning and operating drilling programmes as well as completion programmes
    • Supervising the drilling campaign
    • Adapting the geological and hydrogeological model – where necessary
    • Pump tests and evaluations
    • Subsequent simulation calculations.
  • Operation
    • Commissioning of wells and heat (power) plants.
  • Accompanying services
    • Project management and cost control
    • Preparing the tender documents
    • Evaluating bids and carrying out the award negotiations
    • Handling the approval procedures (mining law, water law, others).

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