Potash solution mining

Salzformation 1
Salzformation 2

KBB UT offers the following services for potash solution mining projects:

  • Feasibility study including assessment of the geological situation and the potash deposit
  • Planning of drilling and geological activities, and monitoring and evaluating the results of exploration boreholes
  • Evaluating the deposit to determine the production capacity and total reserves of potash
  • Concepts for pilot plants
  • Planning the production wells, including completions and solution mining operations
  • Planning the solution mining operation including computer simulations of the expected salt concentrations of the produced brine
  • Provision of technical and human resource support when commissioning solution mining facilities
  • Geomechanical dimensioning of the geometry of solution mining caverns including pillars and safety distances
  • Doing preparatory work for the elaboration of operating plans, occupational/environment protection documents (SHE documents), as well as quality management.

In addition, the surface salt processing plant can also be planned in collaboration with a plant engineering company specialised in salt processing.

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