Reservoir Engineering:


Not just limited to storages

The sectors in which KBB UT specialises are the planning, construction and operation of underground energy storages, and brine and salt extraction operations. Although the reservoir engineering team also makes a contribution to the underground storage activities, its overall services spectrum covers a much wider range of applications. KBB provides the following reservoir engineering services amongst others:

  • Geological studies
  • Technical due diligence studies
  • Elaboration of digital geological models
  • Evaluation of PVT analysis (oil – gas)
  • Petrophysics (log analysis)
  • Well test planning and interpretation
  • Well flow performance analysis, pressure drop and temperature calculations
  • Material balance calculations
  • Numerical reservoir simulations
  • Reworking and structuring of old production data
  • Reviewing and preparing drilling and field documentation including determining areas where action is required and the identification of problems
  • Needs analysis with identification of the relevant technology/service providers and/or their co-ordination
  • General data management
  • Seismic data processing consulting.

KBB UT uses the following specialist software amongst others when undertaking the aforementioned services:

PETREL, ECLIPSE 100/300, FAST WellTest, WellCAD, as well as software developed in-house by KBB. The services spectrum is rounded off by experience in the use of other software applications, e.g. for seismic processing, geological modelling, log analysis, well test interpretation and fluid analysis.

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