Helping our customers

Like most large-scale technical projects, the construction of underground storage facilities is relatively complex. A wide range of factors, aspects and regulations must be taken into consideration when planning, constructing and running these facilities. KBB UT provides its customers with extensive know-how on all levels.

Running operations

Running operationsKBB UT also operates cavern sites:

  • We run solution mining operations including gas first fill with our own personnel using 1, 2 or 3-shift operation.

Work safety and environment protection

Work safetyThe following services help you put safety first:

  • Quality management: Engineering services based on DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 14001 and the Safety Certificate for Contractors (SCC). Regular internal and external audits.
  • Work safety:
    • – Regular employee training regarding safety technology and accident prevention
    • – Safety check of work environment, tools and procedures
    • – Checks of external operations to identify and eliminate safety deficits
    • – Advice on the required personal work equipment and safety gear.
  • Environment protection: Advice, support and inspection of companies
  • Support in dealing with authorities: We provide support and advice on all kinds of approval processes.


PurchasingExperience pays off:

  • We provide advice on service and product procurement
  • We advise you on planning, designing and implementing processes
  • Inquiries: We suggest and select bidders, prepare inquiries and make evaluations and recommendations
  • Assignment: We handle bidder negotiations, comparison of quotations, recommendation and job assignment
  • Order execution: We deal with order confirmation, deadline monitoring, delivery management, invoice checking and warranty issues
  • Order post-processing: We take care of cost control, supplier assessment and process evaluation
  • Flexible integration of customer requirements such as proprietary IT systems.

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Public relations

Public relations - model of a cavernLarge-scale technical projects need acceptance. We can also help with this:

  • We implement special customer requirements regarding public relations, e.g. when creating exhibits, photo documentations, animations, brochures and print media.