Lille Torup, Denmark:

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Safe storage for Danish gas resources

Between 1983 and 1997, the Danish oil and gas company DONG built a natural gas storage facility with a total of seven caverns at the Lille Torup location north of Viborg, Denmark. With a geometrical volume of more than 700,000 cubic metres, one of these caverns is among the largest gas storage caverns in Europe. Together, the seven caverns provide a working gas volume of approximately 900 million m3.

The caverns are located in a salt dome in the Zechstein formation.

Since the beginning of the project, Kavernen Bau- und Betriebs-GmbH (renamed KBB UT in 2004) was responsible for all planning and supervising activities. Until 2005, KBB was also responsible for the solution mining operations. KBB/KBB UT performed all planning and supervisory activities for the construction of the above-ground solution mining and gas facilities. This also included drilling the caverns, performing geological evaluations, building the underground caverns, and carrying out gas technology completion along with the associated tightness testing, initial gas filling and snubbing.

Today, the Lille Torup natural gas storage facility is run by

Since 2008, KBB UT has been involved in a long-term project together with DEEP. Underground Engineering GmbH focussing on the above-ground solution mining facilities. The instrumentation and control equipment are also being upgraded and the existing caverns will be flooded and recompleted.

Flooding of the first cavern began in December 2011. Recompletion and subsequent refilling with gas is scheduled for mid-2012. The other six caverns will also be flooded and recompleted. The entire project is scheduled to be completed by 2020.