The Huntorf storage facility:

Operating plants in Huntorf
Aerial view of the Huntorf site

Featuring the largest cavern in Europe

At the Huntorf site between Bremen and Oldenburg, EWE ENERGIE AG has been operating a natural gas storage facility since 1976.

Today the plant includes seven caverns with a working gas volume of approximately 310 million m3, about a third of which is attributable to the K6 cavern, which has been in operation since autumn 2005. With a geometric volume of 1.1 million m3, this is the largest cavern in Europe for storing gas.

The caverns are located in a salt dome in the Zechstein formation. As in Nüttermoor, KBB or KBB UT took over the planning, supervision and management services for both the above-ground and underground work: construction of the leaching and gas facilities, sinking the cavern wells (including geological evaluation, cavern construction, gas engineering completion including tightness tests and the initial gas filling and snubbing.

From 2005 to 2007, a cavern was flooded, re-leached and re-completed. The necessary extensive underground repairs were planned and supervised by KBB UT. KBB UT also supervised the process of refilling the recompleted cavern with gas (2008 – 2009).