Jemgum cavern site:

Discharge facility at the river Ems close to Jemgum
Aerial view of the Jemgum site

Exploring new salt structures

West of Leer on the side of the river Ems opposite Nüttermoor, EWE GASSPEICHER GmbH is building another gas storage cavern in Jemgum. From 2009 to 2010, a total of eight caverns were drilled into a salt dome of the Zechstein formation.

Together with DEEP. Underground Engineering GmbH, KBB Underground Technologies GmbH was responsible for all of the drilling and geological planning, supervision and evaluation. A major task was the geological interpretation of this new salt structure.

The eight caverns are in the leaching process stage, with KBB UT providing the necessary backup engineering. Planning and tendering of the completion phase are imminent. Gas first fill will start in April of 2013. A total working gas volume of approximately 350 million m3 is envisaged for the caverns.