Public acceptance


Large technical projects are difficult to implement when the public does not accept them. When the population of the area affected by a major project does not support its implementation or even opposes it, the project may be delayed or not be carried out at all. Building and operating caverns underground certainly constitutes such a major project. Winning over concerned citizens by explaining the benefits of the project is key to achieving acceptance by the population. This means that the entire project must be transparent to the public from the outset. In addition to communicating all of the project steps proactively, clearly and openly along with their potential impact, it is necessary to enter into a serious, honest dialogue with all concerned citizens, allowing them to take part in the planning and implementation of the project where this is relevant for them. It is important to take account of public interest, otherwise projects may be delayed or even abandoned due to resistance and protests resulting from a lack of acceptance.

Public acceptance also plays an important role in the construction and operation of underground storage systems, so it must be an integral part of future projects. As operation can stretch over a period of 40 years, a high degree of acceptance by the people affected is necessary. Therefore, underground storage technology is a huge challenge because it is little known among the general public although it has been used in Germany for more than 50 years. The development and implementation of new technologies and applications in underground storage such as the underground storage of hydrogen and compressed air from renewable energies also raises the question of public acceptance. This issue will become increasingly important in the future. KBB UT supports its customers in their PR work for projects by producing and providing models, animations, documentations, print material, texts and graphics for websites and other publications. This material can be used to vividly and comprehensively present underground storage technology.