Plant engineering

Making sure everything runs smoothly

Cavern head
View into the pumping unit
Above-ground plants on a cavern site

Above ground, what is visible of an underground storage facility is mainly the solution mining and gas storage plants with the operations and administrative buildings, cavern locations, and associated cavern heads that are connected with the plants via field pipelines. Other technical components include fresh water supply systems and transport facilities for fresh water, brine, oil, or gas.

Solution mining plants are used to create caverns in a controlled manner: They transport fresh water to the brine pumps and remove the brine from the caverns. The gas or oil storage systems control the process of filling or removing gas or oil.

Plant engineering tasks include:

  • Basic and detail engineering of the systems above ground
  • Cost estimate and schedule preparation
  • Construction supervision
  • Plant commissioning
  • Provide approval process support.

In close co-operation with DEEP. Underground Engineering GmbH from Bad Zwischenahn, Germany, KBB UT has designed and implemented many plants, including the necessary field and long-distance pipelines.

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