Renewable energies

Zwei Kavernen

Presenting alternatives

As a result of the transition to renewable energy sources such as wind and solar, whose production is highly variable, there is an increasing need for storing electrical energy. With the very limited storage capacity of the current power infrastructure, converting, storing and distributing power generated by renewable energy sources is becoming a key component in the energy system of the future. Apart from pumped storage power plants, only underground compressed air and hydrogen storage systems can provide the capacity required.

Together with partners from industry and science, KBB UT is working on a wide range of ground-breaking planning and R&D projects for future compressed air and hydrogen plants. Currently, these projects primarily focus on forecasting the geological storage potential available and on preparing demonstration projects. Below is a selection of completed and ongoing R&D projects where KBB UT is involved. For more details, click on the project.

InSpEE – Salt structure information system

InSpEE-DS – Salt structure information System - double-evaporites

Gaelectric Energy Storage - CAES in Larne (Ireland)

Plan-Dely-KaD - Planning a demonstration plant for hydrogen fuel generation using electrolysis

Compilation of a development strategy for energy storage in Lower Saxony

NOW-Study „Integration of Wind-Hydrogen-Systems in the Energy System“

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