Profile of a salt dome
Drill cores in reflected light

Making the invisible visible

Geophysical measuring processes based on seismic and gravimetric methods provide basic information about the location, extent and depth of salt deposits such as salt layers or salt domes.

Exploratory and subsequent cavern drilling produces drill cuttings and core samples. These provide additional information about the geological structure. Geophysical borehole measurements (logs) provide further information about the structure of the salt formations that have been drilled through.

Tests of selected salt cores ultimately lead to recommendations for leaching and cavern sizing:

Geological 3D-models based on the information obtained from the tests visualise the sometimes complex internal structure of the salt formation. In this way, suitable cavern sites can be determined while minimising the geological risk involved in cavern well drilling.

All of these measures are designed to create safe and successful large-scale caverns.

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Salt domes in the area of North and Baltic Sea